Training of the Porto Itapoá management team was held from May 9 to May 10. The group was isolated and concentrated in the Center receiving a dynamic training, with all the support of security, infrastructure and food.

Acaprena Visit


The ACAPRENA (Santa Catarina Nature Preservation Association) Team visited the Volta Velha Reserve from April 26 to April 27. On the first day they got to know the sambaqui and at night they took part in a fire circle with Yawaritsawa. The next day, they canoeed through the Braço do Norte River and walked up the Apecatu trail.

On April 12 and 14 we received the WILD FOCUS team - students from Santa Catarina, Ceará, Amapa and Paraná participated. The work was a success because they saw more than 80 species of birds, as well as traces of otter, tapir and deer and photographic capture of nasua, margay and bush dog.