Coastal Plains Database

Several studies and publications have been produced over the last 35 years. Access the links of some works that are already available for public access.

Access the publications of the originals by clicking on the photos below.

Management Plan of the Volta Velha Reserve - Fr. Piet van der Aart.

Floristic composition and structure of the herbaceous compartment of an advanced successional stage of the Atlantic Forest in southern Brazil.

Identification of mammals from an area of Atlantic Forest using the microstructure of guard-hairs of predators and preys.

Ecological data from the bats of Volta Velha Reserve, Itapoá, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Epiphytic pteridophytes of the Volta Velha Reserve, Itapoá, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Activity pattern of Akodon montensis and Oryzomys russatus in the Volta Velha Reserve, Santa Catarina, southern Brazil.

Use of landscape natural resources for the planning of an ecotourism circuit in the Volta Velha Reserve, Itapoá, Santa Catarina.

Vegetation and Pollen Rain Relationship from the Tropical Atlantic Rain Forest in Southern Brazil.

Morpho-anatomical variations of Tapirira guianensis Aubl. in relation to different extracts of the forest

Floristic composition and plant structure of an excerpt of Dense Ombrophylous Forest of Quaternary Plain.

Leaf morphology of 89 tree species from a lowland tropical forest (Atlantic Forest) in South Brazil.

Structure of the population of Euterpe edulis Mart. in the Dense Ombrophilous Lowland Forest.

The Atlantic Forest in Volta Velha Reserve: a tropical rain forest site outside the tropics

Ecology of Hedyosmum brasiliense Mart. ex Miq. (Chloranthaceae): subsidy for cultivation and sustainable management.

Natural regeneration in the Quartenary Coastal Plain in Southern Brazilian Atlantic Rain Forest

Tropical rain foresta and climate dynamics of the Atlantic Lowland, Southern Brazil, during the late Quaternary.

Phytosociological analysis of a serial stage of dense ombrophilous lowland forest, Volta Velha Reserve, Itapoá, SC.

Floristic composition, structural analysis and successional dynamics of an initial seral stage in a section of Ombrophylous Dense Lowland Forest, Itapoá, SC.

Nematanthus wettsteinii (Gesneriaceae): extension of the occurrence extension of an endemic species of the Atlantic Forest Biome to the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil