Cultural Bridges

Xingu is one of Brazil's most important cultural territories, with the presence of over 14 indigenous ethnic groups and a total area of 26,420 km². The cultural diversity is rich in its historical roots and interpretation of the physical, spiritual and natural world, with particular significance in the modern world. Getting to know a fragment of this culture through one of its representatives, Yawaritsawa, who now lives in Volta Velha, is an unique experience for children.

On this day's visit, "Yawa", as he is known, involves children in face painting, dancing, Xingu tales and archery (delete - demonstration activities then changed punctuation - , all within an activity that aims .... ), activities aimed to disseminate the richness of the Brazilian Natives and sensitize children to the importance of maintaining and sustaining these territories. Protecting indigenous lands is protecting nature.

On this same day, the children have the opportunity to visit a Sambaqui archaeological site located within the Reserve. They experience the challenge of interpreting the limited evidence of these primitive hunter-gatherer peoples who inhabited the coastal plains for over a millennium.

Cultural Bridges

  • A day of activities for children of all ages - arriving at 10 AM and leaving at 4 PM.
  • Includes lunch and afternoon snack.
  • For groups of 30 to 100 children.
  • Includes hiking, shuttle from headquarters to the Center and all recreational activities.
  • This program is not held in November and December.